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I Was Wrong, Again!

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Dear Pastor,

April and May were particularly busy months. On top of our normal routine Becky developed appendicitis in mid April and spent a few days in the hospital having her appendix out. Thankfully there were no complications and her recovery afterward, 6 weeks, went smoothly. She is an amazing lady and once again showed just how strong she is.

Side Note: The hospital Becky was admitted to caters mostly for indigenous tastes, curries and putus, but the food was good and not too spicy. Great hospital too! We are thankful everyday for good medical services.

Unfortunately, following Becky’s recovery from appendicitis we both got a case of the flu. The good part is, neither of us were completely knocked out of our routine but the nose blowing and coughing were quite bad. We gauge the severity of flu by how many boxes of kleenex we use. We’re at 16 boxes now – for four weeks – and still counting. Even though we weren’t bedridden the coughing and blowing made it difficult to talk or pray with people one at a time or even a few at a time. Coughing the Gospel isn’t exactly the best way to share it.

For now the worst is behind us and we are happy to be back to normal, mostly. Next year, Flu injections for sure!

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