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Update – September 2015

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Dear Pastor,

I’m very happy to report that our building construction is back under way. It’s going a little slow but it is happening. The roof should be on soon, if the rain holds off. I will have picture and video updates as progress made.

Our oldest son, Ennis, was twelve when

Retaining wall on the backside of the church

Retaining Wall Behind Main Building

we came to South Africa almost thirty years ago. During that time he made occasional trips to the States but he grew up in South Africa, got married to a local girl and they have a couple of kids.

Two years ago he began planning to return to the States and in September of this year he made the move.

As you can guess, we have mixed emotions. We are very happy that he is taking what he believes is the next move for him and his family but sad that we won’t see them quite so often.

Ennis has been a great asset to the ministry in South Africa. He was always very generous financially and he built a great youth group. He organized youth camps involving several churches and spoke in church on several occasions. And all his service was volunteer. He worked for a major corporation for several years and then started and maintained his own business while serving.

Please pray for our building progress and for Ennis and his family as they settle into the States.

Serving this side,
Ennis & Becky Pepper

Ennis And Becky Photograph

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