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Update – May 2017

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Dear Pastor,

We’ve known Janice for years. My wife sees her and talks to her just about every week. Usually more than once a week. Janice knows we are Christians. She knows we are in ministry. She also is aware that we started a church and will often ask Becky how things are going.

Sadly, Janice is not a Christian. She was born into a family that was heavily involved in a cult. From the time she was born, that is all she knew. Thankfully, once she reached adult age she began asking questions and at great expense, eventually managed to extricate herself from the organization.

Since then, Janice has been searching and, although she is a bit leery about religion in general, she is showing an interest in Christianity. We’ve had Janice in our home more than once but recently we invited her to attend a series of studies focused on salvation. She’s agreed!

There’s no doubt God is working in Janice’s heart. Please pray for her and many others just like her as we share the Gospel in South Africa.

Serving this side,
Ennis & Becky Pepper