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Becky: “And The Zucchini Grew And Grew”

She assumed Mr. Right would be found at Bible College!

Anything, Anytime, Anywhere
For God


They were a young couple full of hopes and dreams. They were going to be missionaries! They had each heard God’s call individually, before they were married and, of course, after they were married they could hardly wait to go to the foreign country of God’s choice for them.

She accepted Christ as her Savior at the age of six but didn’t really begin to attend church until age thirteen. She grew up in a large family with two older brothers, two younger brothers and two younger sisters.

Between the ages of thirteen and sixteen many things happened in her life to influence her decision to be a missionary. Her family moved from their home in the country to a house next door to a Baptist minister. The minister had just started a new church a year earlier. She also became friends with another neighbor’s daughter who just happened to be related to this Baptist minister. She and her family were invited to visit this church.

It really seemed strange to her at first. She had only attended church a few times in her previous thirteen years but once She visited She kept on going to every meeting: Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night and to youth activities. She especially enjoyed what they called Singspirations.

All the young people would go to the Pastor’s home or her friend’s home after the Sunday evening service for iced tea, popcorn and cake. She especially liked the popcorn part. They would sit around and sing choruses and sometimes play table tennis and just hang out. The more she went to church the more she wanted to go. Read more