Close To Home, Not That Unusual

Neighbor defends lone woman from thieves.

The following article was posted on, Thursday evening, November 12, 2015. The incident occurred about 700 yards from my house, as the crow flies. It’s worth mentioning because, even though horrible, it’s not that unusual. Vigilance is always essential.

Two Suspected House Robbers Shot Dead

Durban – Two suspected house robbers were shot and killed and a third was critically wounded in Durban North on Thursday night.

A well placed police source, who could not be named as he is not authorised to speak (sic) the media, told News24 that four men had forced their way inside a home in Welwitchia Avenue in Glen Hills.

“Four men in a Golf 7 GTI had forced the gate open and reversed inside the property before they used a 10 pound hammer to break down the front door,” he said.

“A neighbour heard the commotion and took on the men. Two of the gunmen were found inside the house a third died from gunshot wounds in the back garden.”

“These guys were professionals and were wearing gloves and balaclavas. The car they were using had been stolen in Chatsworth,” the source added.

Paramedics treated the injured man at the scene before (sic) was transported to a city hospital under police guard.

A fourth suspect is understood to be at large.

Police recovered two firearms at the scene and the homeowners were uninjured in the hail of bullets.

Additional Information

The critically wounded robber died in the hospital.

Only the wife was at home when the robbers broke in. The husband was away on business and the children, all older, were out for the evening.

Fireworks being set off during the evening – the Diwali festival – would have masked any noise the housebreakers made.

Though armed with guns, the thieves were no match for a sure-shot neighbor.

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