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Dear Pastor,

To keep fit and make contact with people I wouldn’t otherwise see, I started cycling with a group on Saturday mornings. It’s a way to evangelize and it works. Anyone can ride so I meet new people all the time and get to know the regulars riders better. The good thing is many different topics arise during these rides: salvation, the Bible, creation, you name it. Once I was asked about tithing.

I rarely have to do much to get these conversations going other than answer the question “So, what do you do?” My answer always opens the door to whatever question-problem-issue they’re grappling with at the time.

Conversations have been great! Recently, however, something different but very exciting happened.

A rider I’ve seen many times and had interesting conversations with exclaimed out of the blue, “hey, I saw your building going up. Looks nice.” This rider doesn’t live any where near our building so his seeing the building shows how prominent it is.

I also donate blood plasma every two weeks and recently attended a rewards banquet for donors. While sitting at our table of eight, we had the usual “What kind of work do you do” conversation and the building came up.

And what a response! One lady exclaimed, “I wondered who that was. I was going to Google it to find out.” Another couple at the table had noticed also.

The point? This building is a landmark. You can’t miss it. Everyone sees it and we can’t wait to hold services there. Please pray as construction continues.

Serving this side,

Ennis & Becky Pepper

New Video Below

The following video shows progress since our March 2014 restart date. Instructions to download and project on screen are below the video.


Follow these instructions to download video to you computer:

Step One: Copy this YouTube link – http://youtu.be/70BigL-TUII

Step Two: Click this link to go to ClipConverter.

Step Three: Paste the YouTube link in field labeled “Media URL to download” and click “Continue.”

Step Four: Follow the on-screen instructions to download video to your computer.

Step Five: Copy file to a DVD or connect your computer to an in house projection unit for viewing.

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