March 2018 Update

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South Africa needs your prayers and has for a long time. Yes, you could say all countries need prayer, rich, poor, peaceful or troubled and the Bible commands Christians everywhere to pray but in most cases, the answers to prayer aren’t so evident. From the end of Apartheid’s reign in 1994 to the present, South Africa has unexpectedly weathered great political storms clearly buoyed by God’s hand. No doubt, many have prayed.

Prior to the first peaceful democratic elections in 1994, the country was close to civil war. Various factions argued vehemently for a piece of the political pie and the debate spawned violence at the grassroots level in many parts of the country. Miraculously, in spite of widespread trouble, the election happened, was jubilantly celebrated and power was transferred with relative peace.

Since then, however, power plays, corruption, in-fighting, manipulation and plain old stupidity have been the rule. Mbeki’s assertion that AIDS is caused by poverty made everyone cringe.

It’s no surprise that celebrations faded and confidence was lost. It’s also no surprise that global economic agencies downgraded South African banks to junk status, sending the Rand into a downward spiral. It was naturally assumed that South Africa would be the next Zimbabwe. Locals were leaving by the thousands for greener grass anywhere they could find it.

But after suffering the nonsense for so many years, another miracle recently occurred. Cyril Ramaphosa was appointed deputy president of South Africa. You may not have heard of Mr. Ramaphosa but his resume is long and decorated. His reputation is so strong internationally, the local currency immediately strengthened once the news of his appointment was published. Cyril has a great work ethic, is a qualified lawyer and has proven his skills in several significant positions but the cherry on top is he grew up under Christian influences. No, Cyril isn’t a political savior but his appointment is a welcome change and a real answer to prayer. Please keep praying. God is still answering.

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