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Dear Pastor,

Several years ago a young girl attended our church and youth group and made a profession of faith. I later had the privilege of baptizing her and she seemed to be doing well spiritually. As she grew older, however she was influenced by friends to try other churches and even avoid church completely. We prayed.

Our prayers were answered. About five months ago she showed up for church one Sunday and hasn’t missed since. She’s even influenced a few others to be a bit more faithful.

It made me realize once again that the Lord is faithful. He never leaves us nor forsakes us.

Building News

Much has happened since my last letter and it is all good!

I never thought I would enjoy a “building project” but in this case I’m very pleased to get back into the planning stages.

So far we have short listed two contractors and isolated one of those as the most likely candidate. It has involved many discussions and much studying of Front view of auditoriumcontracts. We’re very close to signing. So close we’ve begun clearing the property, getting ready for material deliveries and such.

Our actual restart date is project for early March. Please pray for our building.

Thank you for your faithful support.

Serving this side,

Ennis & Becky Pepper


  1. Ennis & Becky,
    Sounds like things are going well and God is blessing. I know what you mean about building projects. They usually can be very agravating and certainly a distraction from ministry responsibilities and needs.
    I hope you guys are doing well. We had to reschedule our Missions Emphasis at Baymeadows as Missionaries were not in the country. Our new dates are April 30th – May 3rd. If that makes any difference for you we would love to have you come.

    As always it was great to hear from you. let us know when you plan to be back in the states so we can get together again.
    Praying for you,

  2. Ennis Pepper says:

    Hey Wayne,

    Thanks for registering on the site and you’re right. Building projects are consuming efforts. If we weren’t so happy to be at this stage I might be worried but right now everything looks good!

    Unfortunately, with the present time line we should be right in the middle of our build when your conference is happening.

    But, even though I can’t be there, I am preparing a few iMovie videos which you can show if that is a help. Once they are ready, I will post them to this site and you should be able to download and share.

    I hope everyone in your family are well and the conference is a great success.

    This side,

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