Birthplace: Jacksonville, FL
Birthday: Decebmer 23, 1949
Education: Graduated from Terry Parker High School (Class of 68) and attended: St. John’s River Junior College (Palatka, FL), Calhoon MEBA Engineering School (Baltimore, MD), Baptist Bible College (Springfield, MO) and did correspondence studies through Bethany Bible College and Seminary (Dothan, AL).


Birthplace: Knoxville, TN
Birthday: November 23, 1949
Education: Beardon High School (Class of 67) and attended Baptist Bible College, Springfield, MO. Received teacher certification for elementary education through the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools, Inc.

Family Details

Married: July 14, 1972
Children: Two Boys: Ennis (Born July 15, 1973) is married to Sara and Timothy (Born December 22, 1976).
Grandchildren: Christiano, Matteo and Gussie.

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