Twenty Years Later, Not Late

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Dear Pastor,

Twenty Years Later

In the early years of our ministry we began holding youth meetings and the first people to attend were the friends our sons made at school. It was great. The new kids were happy to eat “American” snacks and they heard the Gospel readily. Many of them got saved and were involved with the church on various levels. However, as is the case with many South African kids, a large number of them took what is known as a gap year to travel the world when they graduated from high school and for some the gap extended far beyond a year. Jeremy is a good case in point.

He got saved in one of our early youth meetings and was eventually baptized but once he graduated, off to England he went. His plan was to study, get experience, save some money and return to South Africa. All of that happened with one interesting twist. He met and married a very nice young lady, Rachel, who at the time wasn’t a believer. When he returned to South Africa, almost fifteen years later, he came with wife and children in tow. It wasn’t long after his return that he realized he needed to be in church and he and I had a few conversations about that.

Thankfully, he and the family did begin attending services and their kids now “love” Sunday School. The best news, though, is that Rachel is now a believer. Jeremy’s response when she received Christ, “the timing is perfect,” made me realize that her salvation wasn’t late, it was just later. Thanks for praying.

Serving this side,

Ennis & Becky Pepper

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