Update – June 2016

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Dear Pastor,

Building News: Unfortunately, what we wanted to avoid has come to pass. Although the builder imploringly and repeatedly assured us of his good intentions, it became obvious that his promises were empty, and we formally cancelled his contract a few weeks ago.

We need your prayers, though. He has a large amount of our money and so far hasn’t been very forthcoming.

Also, please pray as we talk to new builders.

Second Generation Conversions: Great news! A fellow we led to Christ a few years back recently led one of his children to the Lord. The interesting thing is this particular Dad wasn’t easy to win. He attended services and Bible studies regularly for a couple of years before getting saved. He wasn’t resistant or negative, just deliberate. He was single when he got saved. Now he’s passing the Good News along to the next generation!

Bible Study Please: Got a call recently asking me to do a Bible study. The caller lives near our building, which is in plain view to everyone, and decided to give me a call. There were nine visitors in the study!

As always, your faithful support is humbly and truly appreciated.

Serving this side,
Ennis & Becky Pepper

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